Promoting Forgotten Heirlooms, Under-Utilized Crops and Neglected Wild Edibles.


Located in Geauga County, midway between Chardon and Burton squares. 

Photos by Steven Corso

An education in botany, a love of world cuisine, a desire to eat sustainably, and an urge to do something different. 
This is the story of Bat Barn Farm & Foraging!

On our seven-plus acre farm we grow a shifting menu of annual crops among an expanding orchard of fruit and nut trees and shrubs. Here you can find heirloom takes on the familiar along with something new, exotic, or hard-to-find. We’re inspired by nature and follow organic practices with the aim of producing as much edible beauty as we can fit on our homescape year-round. We invite you to share in the adventure.

Steve Corso



(440) 635-0137



11863 Taylor Wells Rd.

Chardon, OH 44024



Wed-Thursday noon-4